Areas of Expertise

Employment Law for Entrepreneurs and Managers

We advise companies and managers on all issues of labor and employment law, both individual and collective.
Frequent changes in the law and fundamental decisions by the Federal Labor Court present a significant challenge to labor-law counsel. For years we have successfully responded to these challenges. Experience and practical competence enable us to enforce employment-law measures for you, e.g., during restructuring processes or operational changes.
Among others these are the main areas of our labor-law practice:

  • Drafting of employment contracts and employment agreements for members of the company’s executive bodies, who are our clients, including counsel on conclusion and termination

  • Counsel in the field of human resources, i.e. drafting of up-to-date remuneration models and of company pension schemes

  • Counsel on issues regarding works constitution law and tariff related issues including representations towards the works council

  • Representation in front of all labor courts, e.g., termination protection action or decision-making procedure with respect to the works council

  • Training for managerial staff of our clients concerning new legal regulations

  • Individual (preventive) counsel for managerial staff, e.g., regarding prevention of liability

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Banking Law

As their “own lawyers” we act on a daily basis on the behalf of a large financial institution in the field of credit law and securities judicially and extra-judicially. Our pronounced expertise and specialization in this field is for your benefit. Whether you work in the financial service branch yourself or you depend on a functioning credit services sector we can assist you.
Focal points of our work in this area are:

  • Representation of the credit granter (bank) with the judicial and extra-judicial enforcement of rights for credit claims due

  • Review and implementation of securities (mortgage, home loans, assignments as security, suretyship, wage assignments) with respect to transferors of title to property for the purpose of security, debtors or liquidators

  • Conflict between global cession in favor of the bank and property subject to retention of title of the supplier

  • Bank liability

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Regine Dann-Kasper

 Regine Dann-Kasper

Succession Law

The statutory framework conditions are changing. Are your family circumstances changing as well?
Changes in this area, in your enterprise or with your estate should be the cause to review and to adjust present provisions.
We assist you with the future oriented planning and organization of the estate. In doing so, we regard the combination of the succession law and matrimonial property regime, corporate law and tax law. We solve tax related issues together with our cooperation partner, a local audit and tax consultancy firm.
Focal points of our advisory practice concerning succession law and in the field of succession provisions are:

  • Drafting of wills and contracts of inheritance

  • Counsel on succession of family-owned companies

  • Judicial and extra-judicial representation concerning inheritance disputes including disputes on legal shares

  • Proceedings on certificate of inheritance and executorship

  • Drafting of general power of attorney and health care proxy

Dr. Kasper has been renowned by a variety of publications. The new “Guide to the Right to a Compulsory Portion” has been issued in February 2010 (Publisher C.H. Beck) in cooperation with Dr. Kasper. On this you will find further information here.

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Dagmar Zoller-Lang Rechtsanwälte Lang Kasper

 Dagmar Zoller-Lang

Family Law and Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs and Private Clients

As colourful and as diverse as life, so is also the situation of partners, who are about to get married and also that of married couples. Prenuptial agreements or partnership agreements, which settle the asset situation are a “must” in some cases, and in many cases very recommendable and in few cases dispensable. Do you know which group you belong to?
We gladly provide counsel to you on this and draft prenuptial agreements which are specially tailored for your specific life and asset situation.
Also in case of separation or divorce it is a special concern to us to check the chances of a reasonable and amicable agreement and to put it in front of an avoidable litigious conflict. Therefore, we offer to you especially in these difficult times needful relief.
We counsel and represent you judicially and extra-judicially concerning issues of

  • Separation and alimony

  • Divorce and consequences of divorce

  • Proprietary conflicts

  • Equalization of accrued gains

  • Parental custody

  • Visitation rights

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Dagmar Zoller-Lang Rechtsanwälte Lang Kasper

 Dagmar Zoller-Lang

Company Law

Are you a shareholder of a medium-size corporation or a family-run business partnership? Is your concern the representation of your business interests or your interests as a manager? We will then help you along.
Focal points in terms of our company law practice are:

  • Draft/amendment of company agreements

  • Counsel and representation of companies with problems when changing management

  • Counsel and representation of shareholders regarding the implementation of their rights at company meetings

  • Representation of excecutive board members concerning their appointment and dismissal

  • Appeal against court orders and litigation of cases regarding exclusion/compensation of a shareholder

  • Counsel on setting up and liquiditation of corporations

  • Arrangement and completion of changes in generation change of family-owned corporations

  • Counsel and assistance for our clients during corporate transactions of all phases (due diligence and sales contract negotiations including realization of the contract as share or asset deal).

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Commercial Law, Law governing Commercial Agents, Estate Agency Law and Sales Right

You want to market your goods successfully. Depending on the branch, tradition or business philosophy you take direct control by your sales representatives (Employee) or by free lance commercial agents, estate agents or distributors.
We represent your economical and legal interests as an entrepreneur, commercial agent, distributor or commercial broker. Furthermore, we create the legal frame work condition for your business in economic transactions.
Focal points in terms of our commercial law practice are:
Judicial and extrajudicial representation of businesses in all areas of the law governing commercial agent and distributor rights, e.g., compensatory claims in accordance with § 89 b HGB (Code of Commerical Law), violations of competition rule or liability issues
Drafting of contracts for commercial agents, commercial brokers or distributors
Structuring or implementation of sales systems
Drafting of purchase and sales conditions, commission and discount agreements

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Regine Dann-Kasper Rechtsanwälte Lang Kasper

 Regine Dann-Kasper


You are entitled to your right. From time to time a court order is required. Therefore, we as experienced litigators are readily at your disposal. We enforce your claims by taking legal action and defend claims filed against you.
As far as legal rulings require a legal enforcement, we take care of it. By your request, we obtain information on the opposing party, his residence and potential access possibility by engaging detectives and other sources of knowledge.
We take care of the judicial enforcement of the claim with your debtors including seizure.
All our lawyers have at their disposal a profound professional practice concerning the legal representation of your interests.

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Industrial Property Protection and Competition Law

We safeguard your rights during extra-judicial and judicial assertion of your claims with respect to competitors acting in violation of the competition rules. We support you with the defense against third party claims.
Focal points are:

  • Extra-judicial and judicial assertion of indemnity claims and injunctive relief along with provisional legal protection

  • Defense against unjustified admonishments of alleged violations of the competition rules including caveats and representation in court

  • Counsel on drafting of license and know-how contracts

  • Counsel on issues of betrayal of business secrets and breach of secrecy including extra-judicial and judicial representation in this area.

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